Stranger Things – The First Shadow

Phoenix Theatre
Till 25 Aug 2024

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Hawkins, 1959: a regular town with regular worries. Young Jim Hopper’s car won’t start, Bob Newby’s sister won’t take his radio show seriously and Joyce Maldonado just wants to graduate and get the hell out of town. When new student Henry Creel arrives, his family finds that a fresh start isn’t so easy… and the shadows of the past have a very long reach.

Brought to life by a multi-award-winning creative team, who take theatrical storytelling and stagecraft to a whole new dimension, this gripping new adventure will take you right back to the beginning of the Stranger Things story – and may hold the key to the end.

STRANGER THINGS: THE FIRST SHADOW will be directed by Stephen Daldry with co-director Justin Martin, set design by Miriam Buether, costume design by Brigitte Reiffenstuel, lighting design by Jon Clark, sound design by Paul Arditti, illusions design & visual effects by Jamie Harrison & Chris Fisher, video design & visual effects by 59 Productions, original music & arrangements by D.J. Walde, choreography by Coral Messam, movement direction by Lynne Page, wigs, hair and make-up design by Campbell Young Associates, technical director is Gary Beestone for Gary Beestone Associates, props supervision by Mary Halliday, dialect by William Conacher, fight direction by Kev McCurdy, casting by Jessica Ronane CDG and international casting consultancy by Jim Carnahan.


This production contains gunfire audio, loud noises and explosions, haze and smoke, flashing lights and strobe, and strong language. There are depictions of various mental health conditions and disorders.

If you have any queries about effects in the show fill out this form here.

Location and Time


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                                                                             WILL THERE BE ANY CAPTIONED OR AUDIO ASSISTED PERFORMANCES?


We are looking forward to presenting Captioned, Audio Described and BSL performances for Stranger Things: The First Shadow on the following dates:

Saturday 10 February 2024 13:00 – Audio Described

Saturday 17 February 2024 13:00 – Captioned

Saturday 24 February 2024 13:00 – British Sign Language Interpreted (BSL)

For further information, you can contact ATG Tickets Access Team here.  

Venue Accessibility

Access Host

The Access Host is a member of our Front of House team who is there specifically to assist and guide patrons with disabilities or access requirements during your visit to the venue. If you would like their assistance, please ask for the Access Host on arrival. Sometimes, there may be a short wait for the host whilst they are assisting another patron. Occasionally, there may not be a dedicated Access Host available, in which case, another member of staff will be able to assist.

Step-free Access

Our accessible entrance is at the side of the building on Flitcroft Street. This gives step-free access from street level to Row A of the Dress Circle (high numbers side), Box C and the accessible toilet.

Patrons should come to the Main Entrance on Phoenix Street and request an escort from the Access Host to the step-free entrance, as it must be opened by staff.

Accessible Seating for Wheelchair Users and Patrons with Limited Mobility.

For wheelchair users who wish to remain in their own chair, there is space for two wheelchair users or one wheelchair user and one companion/personal assistant. The corridor to Box C is 90 cm wide. The door to Box C is 78 cm wide. There are two unfixed seats in the box that can be removed as required. Please be aware that Box C carries a view restriction, of up to 25% of the left side of the stage.

For wheelchair users wishing to transfer into a theatre seat Dress Circle Row A has level access from Flitcroft Street. A28 is a fixed seat on the end of the row, which may be used to transfer into with no steps. If the person transferring can navigate two to four steps, B28 and C28 may also be used. These seats are also suitable for patrons with limited mobility.

Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance items (such as walking frames) can be looked after by the venue during the performance and returned to patrons at the end of the performance, or at the interval (if applicable).

Main Entrance & Foyer

The main entrance to the theatre is on Phoenix Street. The Foyer bar, Merchandise and Collections Box Office are one shallow step up from street level. A ramp for wheelchair users can be provided on request. The Stalls and Dress Circle are reached via stairs from the Main Entrance.


All levels of the auditorium have an aisle in the centre and on either side of the seating blocks. The aisle has a gentle slope in the Stalls, and steps in the Dress and Grand Circles.

Front Stalls Seating for Come From Away

For patrons with visual or hearing impairments, wishing to sit close to the stage, please be aware that for Come From Away, Stalls row AA, A and B will require you to look up. Rows AA and A also carry a view restriction, due to this. These three rows are also not in range for the Sennheiser sound amplification system. The two seats on the far ends of Stalls row AA through to F also carry a side restriction. Seats in row AA are held by the box office as Day Seats and are not available to book in advance.

Stalls Step Information

There are 13 steps, with a handrail down to the Stalls from the Main Entrance. There is no lift and the Stalls can only be accessed on foot. There are exits at the rear of all aisles, which are all at least 1 metre wide. Once reached, most of the Stalls level is flat, but patrons will have to negotiate 3-4 additional steps, down and up, to reach bars and toilets.

Ambassador Lounge

The Ambassador Lounge is also on the Stalls level and does not have step-free access, it is an additional 5 steps down from the main Stalls level to reach the lounge. Alternative, step-free options may be available by arrangement.

Dress Circle Step Information

There are 21 steps, with a handrail, up from the Main Entrance to the Dress Circle with no lift. The front of the Dress Circle can be accessed from street level via Flitcroft Street. There are exits at the rear of both side aisles. From back of Dress Circle (row K) to front (row A) there are 18 steps. There are handrails on the side aisles but not the centre aisle steps. Side aisles are approximately 1 metre wide, the centre aisle is approximately 90cm. The bar is an additional 3 steps up from the back of the Dress Circle.

Grand Circle Step Information

The Grand Circle Entrance is on Phoenix Street, to the immediate left of the Main Entrance. There are 51 steps up from the street to the Grand Circle, with a handrail. There is no lift and the Grand Circle can only be accessed on foot. Exits at rear (row J). From back of the Grand Circle (row J) to front (row A) there are 24 steep steps with handrails. Aisles are all approximately 1 metre wide but narrow to 85cm on Row A. The Grand Circle is not suitable for patrons with Vertigo.


For patrons wishing to purchase drinks, snacks and programmes before the show, or during the interval (if applicable), we offer an at-seat service as an alternative to visiting the theatre’s bars. Please ask any member of staff in the auditorium for more information.

Toilet Accessibility

The accessible toilet is on the Dress Circle level in the Royal Room. There are no steps to this toilet from the accessible entrance on Flitcroft Street, Box C or Row A of the Dress Circle, but there are 2 slightly awkward turns. This is a gender-neutral toilet and its own enclosed space, including the basin, with a lockable door.

Patrons must negotiate stairs to access any of the other toilets, steps are counted either up or down from our Main Entrance on Phoenix Street.

Stalls: Ladies are 7 steps down and 3 steps up, right and left of Phoenix Icons Bar. Gents are at the rear of Stalls corridor – high seat number side.

Dress Circle: Gents on same level as bar, 3 steps up from Dress Circle level, Ladies are 18 steps up from Dress Circle Level or through the back of the Dress Circle to the far side, on the same level as the top of the Dress Circle. This toilet also contains one larger cubicle with lowered sink and grab rails and one standard cubicle with grab rails.

Grand Circle: Ladies are the same level as Grand Circle and Gents are in Grand Circle bar (8 steps down).

Hearing Loop

A Sennheiser Infra-red sound amplification system in use in the Dress Circle and Stalls levels of the auditorium. These can be collected from our Access Host on arrival.

Due to the positioning of the receivers, the best seats to ensure clear reception are Stalls K-C and Dress Circle A-E. Access rates are available on these seats, please call the Access Line or email our Access Lead to register.

Stalls Rows AA, A and B and seats in Rows L  backwards are out of range, as are rows F backwards in the Dress Circle. Some seats towards the far ends of rows in the Stalls and Dress Circle may also be out of range. Any seats in the Grand Circle will not be in range.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed into the theatre area, or can be looked after via staff during the performance, if preferred.

Sunflower Lanyards and Hidden Disabilities

The Phoenix Theatre participates in the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme.

The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme offers visitors with hidden disabilities, the opportunity to wear a sunflower lanyard whilst visiting the venue, as a discreet way to alert staff that they may need a little additional time or support.

If you wear a Sunflower Lanyard to the theatre, you may be approached by our venue Access Host, who will ask if there is anything they can do to assist you during your visit. Please let them know how we can best support you, if required. If no assistance is required, please let them know and they will not bother you again.

We can supply visitors with a lanyard, or you are welcome to bring your own, if you have one.

Lanyards can be collected from our Advance Box Office on Charing Cross Road, up to a week before your visit, or on the day when arriving for the show from our other Box Office, just inside the main entrance on Phoenix Street or by asking any member of staff.

Lanyards are offered free of charge and can either be kept, or returned to a member of staff at the end of your visit.

Anyone who feels they may benefit from a sunflower lanyard may use one, we do not ask for proof of eligibility.

For more information on the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme, please visit